A necklace is a smart sophisticated way to love yourself everyday.

18 kt gold (white/yellow) and sterling silver are your pleasures.

Gemstone size and style varies with budget.


Raw Emerald Pendant

This Colombian emerald ganga is an original, one of a kind finding and showcases various elements including emerald, pyrite and albite quartz. The defining natural unity of this piece displays the intricate nature of strong elements growing together, in harmony. Each builds on the other while protecting the structure of the next. The pendant’s ridged…

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Crystal Hexagon

Natural crystals are credited by many for transferring energy with-in the body and releasing blockages to improve health and wellness. This simplistic emerald crystal is believed to channel the natural powers of the Colombian emerald and provide spiritual balance. Wear it close your heart and feel the gentle daily inspiration it brings to your life.…

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Trapiche Pendant

Trapiche emeralds are rare natural emeralds found near Muzo, Colombia. Their radial pattern is created as the emerald crystal grows and darker lutite impurities are pushed towards the center. Black carbon outlines the hexagonal beryl core and divides into six trapezodial sectors. This trapiche is set in an 18 kt. gold directional setting. Wear it…

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Heart Shaped

The heart wants what the heart wants. And this heart wants you. An emerald heart is romantic and filled with ‘I love you’. Spiritually and emotionally recharge your batteries by wearing this symbol of love. 0.48 ct heart shaped emerald in 18 kt. gold. $500 CDN. Also available in sterling silver $350 CDN.

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