Shannon Satterthwaite and Robert Skierka have teamed up to take on the ‘World of Emeralds’ and create wonderful custom emerald jewellery inspired by creativity and life enrichment.

Robert Skierka’s first adventure to Colombia was in 2007, when he found several precious emeralds pieces he just had to have. Over the next few trips back to Colombia he continued to be enchanted with the little green gems. He soon found his way behind the scenes and discovered that he enjoyed designing/creating emerald jewellery as much as the joy recieved from friends and family he made jewellery for.

In 2007, Shannon Satterthwaite’s personal journey consisted of working with chakras, through meditation and gemstones. She too was enchanted by little green emeralds, partly because of the metaphysical characteristics of the gem and also by depth of colour each stone has. Her family owned a jewellery store in her youth and she got her love for gems and custom jewellery from her mother.

Brilliant Emeralds is an natural progression of time and heart. Both founders believe in building relationships and creating beautiful life treasures. Robert’s care for others and Shannon’s desire for adventure gave birth to the beginning of Brilliant Emeralds.

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